Our Services

Accent Engineering & Logistics provides a full range of engineering design services including software design for embedded systems, Electronic Hardware Design including Schematic Capture, Printed Circuit Board Design Mechanical Design, Electrical and Mechanical prototyping, and production sourcing.

Embedded Systems:

We develop embedded systems with Microchip PIC devices, Texas Instruments ultra-low power MSP430 microprocessors, Renesas RL78 microntrollers, and GeneralPlus speech devices.

Many of our applications utilize either off-the-shelf LCDs or custom LCDs. We design the custom LCDs and also develop custom fonts and animations.

We design and develop many other types of electronic products ranging from industrial products, agricultural products, to military applications.

We also design products with Infrared and RF wireless remote controls, and extreme low-power sensor networks.

Speech Development:

We provide electronic speech editing for various compression formats including ADPCM, LPC, CELP, MELP, and PCM. We support the entire development path for speech development; from script assistance, to recording session production, to final editing and compression.



We prototype all of our designs with a custom printed circuit board to test hardware design and software performance. In many situations, we provide a Virtual Prototype for our customers before the hardware design phase. The Virtual Prototype is a PC-based software simulation tool that mimics the final product and its functionality. Many of our customers use the Virtual Prototype for product refinement, user interface testing, focus group sessions, and sales demonstrations. We believe a Virtual Prototype makes for a better final product.

We also assemble completely functional, show-class models used for industry shows, toy fairs, and pre-production product demonstrations.


Low-Volume Production:


We provide manufacturing solutions for some of the products we design. We can provide custom circuit board assembly along with final assembly and test for many different types of products.

We provide manufacturing and importing solutions for some of our customers and deliver completed product to their US offices. We also provide sourcing management services to help our customers find, evaluate, and manage their manufacturing partners on a worldwide basis. We can help you understand the total cost of ownership associated with manufacturing your product in various locations around the globe.




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